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Eric Brun, Bay66 Shots…

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Simon Johns, Filton Bowl Photos…

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A couple of snaps of Simon cruising the bowl at Filton this weekend.
Simon - Melon @ Filton

Simon, Airing the Filton bowl

Eric Brun talks about his current injury

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I caught up with Eric to get a few words about his recent back injury which has left him out of action for the last few months. (words Colin Horan)

So, you’ve had a pretty serious injury, Tell me about what happened?

Well…at first I felt some small aches in my back and in my legs, a few days later, whilst skating I felt the same but harder and that day I knew something had happened. The next weekend I was snowboarding and I felt the same ache and I couldn’t ride, and a day later I woke up and when I put my feet on the floor I fell and straight to the floor. My mother took me to the hospital and their hypothesis was that I had a trapped nerve or just a fissure and they give me some pills for my aches… One day each month I was visiting the doctor and he always told me the same and me and my mother were so tired listening the same words, my mother thought i should go to another hospital or doctor so we did… and he made me some radiographies and NMR and they told me what I had and what I have. The doctor gave us visit two days later to tell me what I should do urgently and the following Wednesday they put an infiltration in my back and I just have to relax for one month

That sounds serious man, were you ever concerned that you might not be able to skate again?

Well the doctors never told me that I might not be able to skate again but i thought about it. They did me that it could appear again in a few years though.

So what have you been doing with yourself since being injured?

I’ve been pretty bored. I go out to walk one or two hours and go out with my friends.

So how did it feel to miss out on NASS?

I can explain that felling. It was like impotence, i couldn’t travel to NASS because i couldn’t stretch on the floor in the tents

So When will you be skating again?

I guess I will be skating again at the end of August or the start of September

Cool, so what are you looking forward to the most about getting back on your board?

I don’t know yet, first I will skate and relax and I will get back my favorite tricks.

Well we look forward to skating with you soon man, take it easy Eric.

Swine Flu Recovery Session

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After recovering from swine flu, Colin hooked up with Simon for a cruise around some of Bristol concrete parks.