Best of 2012 – Colin Horan

A lot of has happened this year for all our riders, so we wanted to ask each rider to name their favourite bits of the 2012. Next up, Colin Horan.


Song: Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look The Same Again

Album: Chromatics – Kill for Love

Movie: I don’t watch many movies but I did see Skyfall recently and that was pretty decent.

Streetboard Session:  Theres been so many good sessions this year, but the feeling of getting back on my board after 3 months out was the best.  I gave myself new wheels, bearings and pivots and travelled to barcelona just to make sure the feeling was perfect.

Streetboard Trip: China, even though I was injured it was still amazing. Hanging out with the Streetboard crew is always fun but getting to see China at the same time made it special. I wanna go back.

Trick from another Day One rider:   All of them.  If Eric had landed the Bs 180 over the rail at Anna Frank, it would have been that.  Next year Eric!!!

Party:  Shelter in Shanghai with Jay on the night I broke my wrist.



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