Toni Alvarez – Back In The Game…


Its always hard dealing with injury’s, especially when you’ve had the year Toni has had.  One of the most influential skaters around right now, he’s been pushing the level of his tech tricks to make one of the standout video parts of the year, in Drop This.  Having suffered a similar injury myself just a few weeks after Toni, we would always keep in regular contact with each other to see how we were coping and check each others progress.  Knowing how hard its been for me, and having to deal with the ‘mind skating’ without ever been able to put it into practice, I was keen to catch up with Toni after his first session back to see how it felt.

Words by Colin Horan, Photography by Esteve (

So, first of all, tell me about your injury, what happened?
I had a right wrist dislocation, i was filming the last shot for Drop This movie in a 14 or 15 staris handrail, the trick i was trying was a fs 270 sw fs board. I tried 3 times, the first one i was so close to land, i slamed in 2nd and the last one tragedy…..

You had to have Surgery, how was that?
I had a little surgery in my wrist, just 3 Kishner screws for 3 months. The screws were only temporary to make sure it healed properly.  After that, I had another month doing rehab every morning.

How long have you been out for?
I got injured at the end of August, and just now, I start to skate again.  So more or less 4 months without skate, thats too much man hahaah

How have you managed with no skating? what have you been doing instead?
hahaha that’s a hard thing, too much time without being able to skate, so I spent all my time working in the shop, with my gilfriend, having some fun with the hommies and playing SKATE with only one hand hahah.

You got back on your board for the first time last week, how did it feel?
Yes i started 5 days ago, i’m happy about that, to be able to skate another time is like a Christmas present, you know. But actually the feeling with my legs and the board sucks, I think I need a few weeks to warm up and get the feeling back.

Do you think the injury will change the way you skate?
I dont know yet, the only thing I know is I need time to start skating handrails again hahaha.  Now, I  just need to remember all the tech tricks, always tech!!

What are you looking forward to most about skating next year?
Just to have fun, this is most important thing for me.  But I want to start filming again for Dayone, Drop inn and Addicted.

Thanks to all people that helped me last horrible months hahaha specially my familly, my girlfriend Gina and all the friends who supported me. SNAKE or DIE

Crooks at St Feliu


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