Brand of the Year…

Wow, we are stoked to have been voted  ‘Brand of the Year’ at this years Rider of the Year awards.  As this was a public vote, I would like to thank everyone who voted for us and more importantly, everyone who has supported the brand over the last few years.  We work hard to give Streetboarding a brand to be proud of and it feels great to get some recognition for our efforts.

We also picked up ‘Video of the Year’ for Seldom Scene.  Ok, so it may have been the only proper release of the year but its still nice to get some recognition for the hard work that went into it.

As well as video of the year, Eric Brun collected ‘Video Part of the Year’ for his super steezy part in Seldom Scene.  If you havent seen it yet, go pick up a copy at the Day One Store.

On top of all that, Day One rider Simon Johns was awarded the big one, ‘Rider of the Year 2011’.  This has been fully deserved.  It was pretty much January 1st when Simon started throwing down his hammers one after the other for the last part of the Seldom Scene filming.  Once he was in full swing he couldnt stop, even when filming stopped he would be out pushing himself everyday.  I dont think i have ever seen such a huge  transformation of a rider in a year.  Alongside his Seldom Scene hammer section, he placed 2nd at this years UK Open, Got hooked up with Bulletprufe and finnished off with a top ten finnish at the World Championships last week in Linz with what i think is the first ever fully switch street run in a contest.  Look out for Simons part in the next issue of Overcast which should be released soon.


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