Jon White Interview…

Following the recent release of Seldom Scene, we caught up with Jon to get his thoughts on the video.

So the video has been out for a few weeks now, whats your thoughts on it now you can look back?

Well, there has been lots of positive feedback, and its good to hear from people who say they put it on before going skating to get hyped which was always the main goal. Since its release I find myself wanting to go out filming and add more tricks but I guess thats just because its been such a long ongoing project, its hard to get out of the zone now its been released. After the first few weeks I watched it alot, several times a day. Getting to know every shot and picking up on parts i had missed. The more I watched it the more I wanted to go and skate, and the more I wanted to keep filming.
After a while I stopped watching the video as much, but the desire to keep skating, pushing myself and filming stuck with me and in many ways it was better because I was able to focus more on trying to learn the tricks I really wanted to learn and to concentrate on having fun as oppose to trying to film tricks for my part.

Your right, there has been an amazing response from a lot people, but your part has been highly praised too. How does it feel to here all the positive comments about your riding?

Well of course its great man and makes me feel happy and like I have acheived what I set out to do. When all is said and done the point of making the video is to entertain, and I wanted my section to be one that people enjoyed watching. Part of that is trying to find my own niche of style and tricks that other people want to see and are different from other video parts in the past. So yeah, it feels good to know all the hard work I have put in has brought a smile or two to peoples faces

Well you deserve the credit, for sure. Do you have a particular shot, or moment in your section which you feel most proud of, or means the most to you?

I think my ender is the shot that means the most to me. I dont normally set out to film a particular trick, I usually just play around and start improvising and come up with an idea I think is worth filming but I remember the end trick had a been one I had playing on my mind for a long time. I wanted to do it, I had tried a few times before but hadent got close and then one weekend I went up to reading and had a really good skate, filmed like 5 shots and then it all came together on sunday evening and culmulated in me getting my end shot after not very many attempts. I was proud because to my knowledge the trick has never been done before, and knew it would get people hyped when they saw it.

So what will you miss most about filming for Seldom Scene?

I think I’ll miss hanging out and skating with the team as regularly as we have been the past couple of years the most. Spending the days working to get shots then sitting back, watching the footage with a few beers in the evening with the same friends. Being united by all the hard work, times of joy, times of frustration at not getting the shot or being house-bound by the rain. the streetboard family is tight and many more good times lay ahead for sure, but filming for seldom scene was a unique experience and I will definately miss it

As you say, theres been some amazing times, but its not always easy, what was the most difficult thing about making the video?

The most difficult times were when the shots werent coming together. trying for hours to do the same trick, all the while getting more tired and hurt is not an enjoyable experience. Days when you would get injured early on and your morale would take a bashing. Then there might be weeks of travelling around, spending loads of money and yet still not getting any footage. There were low times often and shared by all riders (except eric I imagine) and it got tougher toward the end of filming when it was all about getting the last few hammers to end your section. But it was all worth it

Aside from your part, which bits of the video stand out for you?

I enjoy watching the Scene and Heard bonus feature, as it gives the riders a chance to talk about their experiences and really helps get across a feeling of what it was like making the video. Also, All the riders have good sections, with their own unique feel so each part stands out in its own way.

So why should we watch Seldom Scene?

Streetboarders should watch seldom scene because its a proper feature length streetboarding dvd, very well crafted, full of good tricks, music and edited with a unique vibe and flowing style. Entertaining, fun to watch and it will make you wanna go skating.

So whats next for Jon White?

Well I guess carry on as normal, skating for myself, for the fun of it. filming where i can and just see where the streetboarding adventure takes me next.

Seldom Scene is available now from the following places across Europe:


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