We’ve not been giving much away over the last couple of years, other than the brief glimpses you saw in the teaser at the end of last year our video has been kept heavily under wraps, but thats about to change. On August 6th 2011 we invite you all to the premiere of ‘Seldom Scene’. Our first ever full length video, and the first real Streetboard DVD since ‘Geeks on Wheels’ way back in 2006. These days we may be spoilt with a vast selection of throwaway online edits but nothing compares to the motivation and dedication that goes into making a full length release.
The video features sections from all 6 team riders, Colin Horan, Simon Johns, Jon White, Sam Cooke, Eric Brun and Jay Nowman.

The Premiere follows this years UK Open and is held at The Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch, East London (the same venue as the 2009 Reel Life premiere party). The party will continue on into the night and for those sober enough, we also have the Cantelowes Jam in Camden Town the following day.


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