Day One 2010…

A quick round up of what Day One was up to in 2010…

Overcast Video Magazine release.

In order to support the UK scene, Day One worked hard to put together the first issue of Overcast, the first ever online UK streetboard video magazine. See issue one below…

Barcelona filming trip 1

Colin and Eric were both in Barcelona filming for the upcoming video. Whilst out there, we also filmed this short video of Eric warming up one of the local parks. Eric was injured in the lead up to this trip, so this was his first day back in over a month.

Overcast Issue 2

Reel Life, Paris

The successful Reel Life contest continued into its second year, this time in Paris with a great turnout from team from across Europe. We also released official Reel Life shirts.

Below is the Day One entry, we finished 2nd behind the Anti-Ductil team from France.

Eric Brun kills it at Worlds

Although he didn’t win, Eric absolutely killed it at worlds this year, and most people think that one of his runs was the best of the whole contest. The illest backside sevens, floatiest backflips, huge shifty front boards and almost a backside nine. Next year bro…

Check the video for proof….

Barcelona Filming trip 2

This time Colin, Jay and Sam all headed out to ride with Eric and film the hammers. Sam got injured early doors but we got some incredible shots regardless.

Seldom Scene Teaser Release

We finally announce to the world that a full length video is on the way. Coming soon, yeah (what does that even mean???). Patience please….

Overcast Issue 3

The most progressive riding in Overcast yet…


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