Barcelona Trip…

Not landing first try is expectable on filming trips, but taking two attempts to take off doesnt go down well which Easyjet’s incompetence proved on our return flight that left me with almost 24 hours of waiting however, this did allow me some time to thumb a few words into my digital notepad to sum up another trip.

It was myself (Colin), Sam and Jay who made the trip and with Eric already out there we had two thirds of the crew together to film some more for the upcoming video.

Paral-lel always seems like the best place to warm up and find your feet, the place is so friendly and really sets you off on a nice vibe for the rest of your stay and the tree’s help shelter you from the relentless sun.  Enthusiasm carries you for a couple of days, but after that you start to realise that skating before 4pm just isn’t possible.

By day three Sam was ready to open up the hammers with was must be the most perfect 18 set in Fondo.  A downhill run up and a perfect landing, what could go wrong?  Well too much speed saw Sam overshoot by at least 6 feet and allthough landing square on all four wheels his board exploded into 3 pieces.  Not even the Voll Damm could disguise the bruise in his heel which pretty much left him out for the rest of the trip.

Your body takes a hell of a beating on a trip like this, both mentally and physically and the trip went on it was becoming harder however, Eric just seemed to get better.  Every time i skate with Eric he surprises me, he just has so much talent.  On top of that he has the willingness to continue to try a trick until he has landed it with absolute perfection and trust me, these arnt just simple tricks he’s rolling away from with effortless style.

The last couple of days saw a resurgence of energy, maybe it was the thought that this was the last chance to get footage, even Sam managed to ignore pain in his foot (which we now understand is a small fracture) to grab a few shots.  A nice evening session at Sants (joined by Bob, Toni and Richie) was followed by a last minute tech fest by Jay which ended minutes before leaving for the airport to round the trip off nicely.

To be honest, the trip has been a bit of a blur so maybe one upside of the dreaded ‘log and capture’ is that ill be able to re-live the trip.  One thing that  i wont forget tho is the hospitality of our spanish friends, especially Richie Greaves who selflessly took us from spot to spot, wax in hand.

So now its back to the UK to make the most of the weather before its too late.

For those of you who are wondering why i have talked about the trip without mentioning any tricks, you will just have to wait for the video.

Keep an eye out for the teaser coming soon.


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