Simon John’s US Trip…

A few words with Simon following his recent trip to the States…

So what your been upto out in the US?
Started off with a 4 day stop over in Denver, Colorado then headed over to see family in Charlotte, North Carolina for 10 days.

You went to ‘Worlds Away’ in Colorado, how was it?
It was awesome. Crammed loads of skating in over the 4 days. Crammed loads of Mike’s cooking in my stomach and just generally had a good time. Props to Luke and Zac for making it out to skate!

Whats the scene like out there? I’m sorry to say but it’s pretty bad unfortunately. Colorado and Utah are probably the main scenes in the US and there was less of a turn out this year due to what i guess is lack of personal motivation.

How does it compare to the UK scene?
The UK scene is much better. Forget riding ability, its just all about the willingness to go out and sesh. The good thing about the UK scene ,which i took for granted, was that if i get on the phone and ring a streetboarder to go streetboarding, they will actually want to go.

What spots did you hit while you were out there, any favourites?
We went to a different outdoor skatepark every day. Each one was so versatile with obstacles of all sizes and the vibe off the locals was always decent. My personal favourite was probably the skatepark in Colorado springs. For a size comparison for UK guys, it was about as big as Corby but with the benefits of being outdoor, in the mountains and 100% free.

Glad to be back?
Always mixed emotions.  The experience state side is always good but then its cool to come back home and get back to reality. World champs is in two weeks and Midsommer Norton and Cardiff skateparks are both open now which are just ridiculous, so there was something to look forward to on the plane ride back.

Would just like to give another final shout out to Mike G who is always so highly motivated and an all around nice guy. Thanks for looking after me in Denver, thanks for the food, thanks for the skating and hopefully see you same time next year! Safe


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